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WordPress is the most powerful content management system (CMS) in existence today. Most of the top blog websites are built with WordPress because of its exceptional platform. Not only is WordPress free to get started with, the options for expansion are endless.

If you are debating on a platform to launch your multi-million-dollar idea, consider this, top blogs like Mashable and premier news outlets like the New York Times blogs all use WordPress.

The sky is the limit with how expansive your website will become. And, with a ton of great plugin’s, the opportunity to monetize your website is just as expansive. In fact, 28% off all websites on the internet are made using the WordPress platform.

Don’t let the far-reaching dominance of WordPress intimidate you from getting started. It is 100% free to start a WordPress website. In about 20 minutes you can have a professional looking website launched.

What Is The Difference Between And

You might search WordPress and come to a cross roads on which WordPress is the right one. is a website builder where you can create and host a site for free but is limited on what you can do.

The more powerful (and usually the best choice) is This is the WordPress that we will be highlighting the features of below.

Understanding WordPress

There is a very dedicated community that develop and maintain WordPress which allows it to be free. What makes this possible is that WordPress is open-source software, meaning it isn’t restricted under copyright or trademark laws and freely available for anyone to use.

First started in 2003, WordPress began as a blog-focused platform. Many of the features today have grown from the original blogging roots.

While there is a deep history with blogging and WordPress, the platform has evolved and is used by a variety of websites.

WordPress is a great choice for Online Portfolios, Affiliate Website, News Websites, Magazine Websites, ECommerce Stores, Community hubs and business websites.

If you are undecided on which direction your website will ultimately take, do not worry. WordPress is the best platform for creating websites that you will eventually scale. Starting with a simple website is the best way to get your feet wet in the world wide web.

As your website grows you will find thousands of products and services that will help you evolve your site. Even if you start with a blog and want to start selling products, WordPress has plugins that will let you easily add that feature.

Where Do I Start?

While the actually use of WordPress is free you will still have to purchase a domain name and hosting. Once you have your hosting set up you will be able to start customizing your WordPress website. This is where you an choose themes, add logos, and create your own content.

Creating content is a major part of getting the most use from your WordPress blog. The backend editor is very user friendly and makes it easy for first time WordPress users to get started right away.

As you start to add more content to your website you will want to make sure that people searching for that content end up on your website. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play.

There are a variety of ways that you can optimize your website yourself and options for assistance either through plugins or paid services. Either way, it is important that you make an effort to target keywords that are relevant to what you are promoting.

The beauty of WordPress is that you have endless options available in optimizing and growing your website. There are forums that make it easy to learn about new ways to grow your website.

Take advantage of free videos on YouTube about optimizing your webpage as well as other blogs reviews about the best new plugins.

Be consistent with adding content to build your following. If you are blogging, staying consistent with relevant posts is important for your loyal visitors to get the information that they are looking for.

Consider sharing your posts on a company Facebook or Instagram page. This is a great way to increase your brands reach as well as get new visitors to your website.

Now that you have a good understanding of WordPress it is time to get out and grow your website.

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