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WordPress is the best platform for building a scalable website. The open source platform allows for anyone to easily build a website in just a few hours. There are two kinds of WordPress websites, those that are blogs and built on the WordPress hosting platform, and those that are built through third party hosting. If you are looking to build anything more than an ultra-simple blog than the latter is the only choice.

Why You Should Use A Quality Hosting Provider With WordPress

Using a third-party hosting will provide you with a much more scalable website than using the WordPress platform. The WordPress platform does not give you many options for scaling or optimizing your website. A vast majority of WordPress users are building their websites on a third-party hosting provider while using the WordPress platform.

Not sure if you want to pay for hosting? This is a great objection and is one that many first-time bloggers ask. The answer is simple if you are totally honest with yourself. Consider the following two scenarios:

1. A man, Bill, wants to start a blog about play pens for French Bulldogs called He is hesitant to commit to hosting but knows he wants to drive traffic to his website and eventually monetize the site. He chooses the free version of WordPress to keep costs down.

He ends up creating an extremely popular website about play pens for French bulldogs. There is loads of traffic coming to the page but not anyway to scale the site to keep up. He ends up having to re-build an entirely new website using a hosting provider, costing him time and missed monetization opportunity.

2. A girl, Jane, wants to start a blog about play pens for French Bulldogs called She takes a few weeks to draft out how his website is going to look

and how she plans to grow the site. She is hesitant about the investment but decides to use to get a domain and hosting.

She ends up creating an extremely popular website about play pens for French bulldogs. Because she took the time and made the investment early on, she is able to take advantage of advertising inquires right away and capitalizes on monetization opportunities.

In the example above, Jane took the time and made a small investment in building a strong foundation for her website. Because she did this she was able to stay a step ahead of Bill and his competing website.

To start building a scalable website, we recommended that you use Name Cheap when you are initially setting up a WordPress website.

Best WordPress Hosting Provider

We have established the importance of using a third-party hosting provider in the example above, now it is time to choose one. There are dozens of hosting providers that will all offer deep discounts to get you to sign up. These discounts are a great way to save money early on but be sure to read the small print how much the hosting plan renews for.

Companies like GoDaddy will lure you in with $1/year hosting to get you to sign up, only to increase the annual rate to over $100 or more.

We have found that companies like are the best for pricing, service and reliability. You can get WordPress hosting for $2.88/month and set up your new website in 30 seconds or less.

What is great about NameCheap hosting is that they built their WordPress hosting package specifically for owners that are looking to scale their website over time. You will not have to worry about downtime or lack of bandwidth when you are using a hosting provider like NameCheap.

Next Steps For Getting Started

Now that you have your game plan and hosting provider picked out it is time to get started. Use this link to go to where you will save 80% off your hosting package. Once you are signed up with NameCheap you will be directed to WordPress where you can start designing your website.

As you grow your visitor traffic, NameCheap will automatically scale your services to keep up with the demand.

Start yourself on a solid foundation by using the best WordPress hosting provider, NameCheap. The early planning and solid foundation will pay off in spades as you grow your site

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