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Making the decision to use WordPress has already put you ahead of the competition. Now, it is time to choose the right WordPress template for your website. With over 10,000+ premium themes available, choosing the best theme can be yet another daunting task.

Pouring through themes will make your head spin as each template seems to offer more and more. Luckily there are WordPress themes available that will give you the ease of drag-and-drop website building, with the versatility and optimization potential that WordPress is revered for.

You might be wondering why we are so excited about having a drag-and-drop website template made for WordPress. There are dozens of website builders that feature drag and drop building, so why get overly excited about Divi? Consider this, if you look into the traditional website builders that give you drag-and-drop building you will find that they are powered by flash.

For those who are not familiar with flash, it lacks the optimization and is not readable by Google bots. If Google cannot read what your website is about, it cannot properly rank your website. Meaning, if you want your website to one day rank on the first page of Google, your chances are dramatically lower when using flash. The list goes on with disadvantages from the over the counter website builders like WIX and SquareSpace.

Now, take a look at the Divi builder for WordPress. This visual page builder is optimized for search engines and is full responsive – meaning it looks good on all devices. Your work on your website will be easily read by Google’s bots and your chances for ranking on Google will be much higher. This is good for existing WordPress users who can now quickly make edits to live pages.

The even bigger advantage is for new WordPress users who would otherwise shy away from using the platform in fear of not being able to easily build a good-looking website. Now, these new users are able to build a professional website with limited computer literacy.

Divi WordPress Template

If you are looking for the simplicity of a visually (drag-and-drop) page builder that doesn’t have the restrictions of website builders like WIX, the Divi WordPress theme is the one for you. Powered by the Divi Builder, this template lets you design professional websites trough simple visually page building. No more trying to juggle widgets or writing code, you simply drag, drop, click, and type.

The advantage to a visual page builder is that you can see results happen right before your eyes. You no longer have to make a change, save the changes, view the pages, go back and repeat. Visual page building on WordPress gives you the best of both worlds and lets you get the most out of your new theme.

If you have not used a visual page builder before, don’t worry, the Divi Builder is the most intuitive builder available. Simply download the theme and dive in. Within minutes you will be confident in the software and start to see a beautiful website come to life before your eyes.

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Tips on installing a new WordPress template

Now that you have you theme selected it is time to install and get started. If you plan to use the ‘demo theme’ that comes with the template, be sure to backup all of your work before following the instructions and uploaded the new theme. If you are installing to a new website, you are good to go!

Once the WordPress template is installed, go through each of the settings options so that your website is correctly organized under your business and any generic data is removed.

If you need help finding images, try Pexels. Pexels offers royalty free stock images, meaning you can use the images free of charge and not worry about trademark or copywrite infringement. For simple graphic design, try Canva. Canva lets you make beautiful designs by using a drag-and-drop software. Think Adobe Illustrator for a beginners.

Lastly, it is a good idea to start a spreadsheet with your log-in information. As your website grows you will be adding more marketing services, email automation and ad management. Start early organizing

your email and password’s that are associated with each service and you will be glad you did as your website grows.

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